The Souvenirs
MADE FROM Your Event Tickets

Have your old event tickets turned into quality hardboard coasters to create unique souvenirs of the event

As a solid TicketCoaster the ticket is preserved and protected. TicketCoasters have a strong hardboard base so the ticket cannot be creased, or torn & the durable laminate coating keeps the ticket clean.

A TicketCoaster is a useful memento that says " I was there".

TicketCoasters can also be used for Charity Fundraising.


A TicketCoaster is made by sandwiching a genuine used ticket between a layer of cork backed eucalyptus board and an upper surface comprising a clear, heat and stain resistant, laminate. TicketCoasters can be made from any size of ticket as each TicketCoaster is individually made to the size of the ticket supplied.

The Coaster Company, the manufacturer of the TicketCoaster, specialises in the manufacture of low volume runs of high quality coasters, placemats and computer mousemats.

Building on over 10 years of experience the TicketCoaster is the ultimate progression of this capability, one single coaster made to a very high standard.

Important Information

The actual ticket, NOT A COPY, is encapsulated within the coaster and becomes part of the finished TicketCoaster.

Therefore it cannot be returned to you in its original format. As a result of this, if there is any damage to the ticket such as creases or tears these will show up on the finished product. Tickets are sent to us at your own risk. In the unlikely event that we damage the ticket during manufacture your payment will be refunded. All TicketCoasters are made rectangular. If a ticket provided is any other shape the TicketCoaster will be made to the most appropriate sized rectangle. We will not trim the ticket in any way but the base material will show where the ticket does not cover it. However to allow for a corner having been cut off the ticket we can, if requested, cut a corner off diagonally. The corners of the TicketCoaster are slightly rounded to stop the laminate and ticket lifting. Each Ticket Coaster is a custom made product. No returns can be accepted and no refunds will be given for this product.

PRICE Information

TicketCoaster are £6.00 per coaster

There is a one-off Postage & Packing fee of £2.00 per order

Please send full payment with your order, making cheques payable to The Coaster Company. To Order your TicketCoaster simply follow the steps on our order form.